Sankey Builder launch

We are happy to present to you our Sankey Builder - a free web application for building Sankey diagrams made by wikiBudgets.

Sankey Builder is especially designed for diagrams with very large size differences between flows - it zooms in and out like a map to reveal details or to show the big picture. This makes it ideal for visualising financial flows and budgets, you can track how billion dollar budgets transfer into individual assignments down to every dollar - the only limit is the quality of your data.

Here is an example: we used Sankey Builder to model the annual financial report of our favourite charity ActionAid (source: 2013 Annual Financial report and Accounts).

click to open in Sankey Builder

This is a very early release and Sankey Builder is not optimised for mobile yet. Among other things you will not be able to create or edit diagrams - only view them - because the desktop UI is not suitable for touch devices yet.

We welcome any an all feedback you have. Just click on the question mark in the lower left and let us know what you think. We have lots of improvements in development already, multi-node selection, a mobile UI editor and a data import/export feature for example. See what others are asking for over on our customer feedback page.


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