Release Notes for v1.1.1

We will now be publishing our release notes for all to see. Please get in touch with us at wikibudgets.uservoice.com with any questions or features you're looking for. Feel free to post in the comments below if you prefer.

New: Browser BACK and FORWARD buttons work like UNDO and REDO for both logged-in and logged-out user.
New: Changed the shape of transfers back to the previous, more flat look. The b├ęzier curve is not nicely rounded when flowing backwards but keeps uniform length elsewhere.
New: In a short transfer, only one SUM label is displayed in the middle of the transfer. In longer transfers, two SUM labels are displayed as before at each end.
New: User is prompted before closing unsaved browser window.
Bug: Many small bug fixes.
Bug: Many small visual improvements.
Enhancement: Diagram performance is improved by not rendering elements that are too small or too large. (the improvement is not as good as I hoped for, I will have to try other things)
Notes: There are still numerous bugs I know of but please let me know every time you see anything wrong


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